Effective Mediation Service From a Certified Mediator in Los Angeles, CA

Contract Negotiations, Contract Disputes, Property Law

If you’re dealing with a business or contract dispute, a mediator can serve as a neutral third party to help you resolve a legal conflict without going to court. When you call the Law Offices of Linda M. Blank, you can work with a certified mediator with more than 25 years of experience. Our mediation services cover a wide range of legal areas, including:
  • Contract negotiations
  • Litigation resolution
  • Contract disputes
  • Property law
  • Partnership disputes
Contact the Law Offices of Linda M. Blank in Los Angeles, CA today to learn more about how mediation services can help you solve contract disputes or other issues.

3 benefits of working with a certified mediator

There is a better way to solve your business disputes. Work with a mediator if you want to:

  1. Save money: Resolve your dispute before resorting to expensive litigation.
  2. Save time: Settle your dispute quickly without dealing with a drawn-out lawsuit.
  3. Preserve working relationships: Come to an agreement that addresses the interests of each party.
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